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Available on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital on August 21, 2018, GOD'S NOT DEAD: A LIGHT IN DARKNESS is a powerful reminder that in all circumstances, we are called to be a light for Jesus to a world in desperate need of hope..

As a former southern baptist (raised, escaped, recovering and rehabilitated), so many parts of this video made me almost throw up in my mouth. Massive post traumatic stress! Not to mention Dean Cain and Kevin Sorbo once were huge crushes of mine. SAD!.

The interesting thing about the God's Not Dead films is that defending Christian belief was never the primary concern of the movies. These movies are primarily concerned with defending conservative christian cultural hegemony in American society. The stories of persecuted Christians defending the faith from the godless villains that stepped out of a facebook-forward are the means to attain that goal. This explains everything from the argument from morality-scene (that doesn't present any actual argument) through evil atheist professor Hercules getting hit by a car out of nowhere at the end of the movie. It's all about the humiliation of their ideological opponents. The movie was never made in good faith to begin with..


It is time for us as Christians to stand together and remember that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world, (and) against spiritual wickedness in high places. For those of you that deliberately make time out of your day to view a movie that empowers Christians, just so you can/could make fun of them, please be reminded that God is not dead! He is surely alive and he sees you persecuting us. vengeance is the Lords and He will repay your works, with what you have sown. I will pray that God has mercy on you and your family and that you may come to understand His everlasting love for you..

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Holy shit. I just have to say, the part about protests and ulterior motivated calls for 'civility' really just ripped open my brain. In a good way. You're absolutely right about 'goalposts moving' in terms of protesting and the perceived manner of protest. Anger is still a slippery slope, and even with good intentions, rage can cloud better judgement. No matter who it's coming from. But it is TOTALLY possible to make an energized but focused protest that is loud and disruptive enough to turn all the right heads but not do more damage than it's worth. I love this video. I'm so glad I watched it. The communication of ideas and explanations for feelings and actions is so clear and relateable. Definitely makes you stop dead and really think. And in my case, rethink. A lot. Thank you so much for writing this, editing this, and posting this; thank you SO MUCH for making this. And sharing it. I hope it will find its way to and speak equally crystal clearly and persuasively to people who can definitely affect this much needed societal change. Kudos! Keep up the amazing insightful work..


God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness Movie Review (2018.

A Ghostbuster is going to judge a witch.



God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness - Movie Review

All these stupid movies are following Sharknado. lol!

As a christian (Roman Catholic) and a film fan and an amateur filmmaker and a student of philosophy i think this film is shit. the subplot of the film about the philosophical debate is in the worst philosophy class with the worst philosophy professor i can imagine. it's so dumb and that's the most compelling part of the film, that's saying something..

How mad would the Christian community be if someone made a Darwin's not dead. Or Allah's not dead.?.

morality can be easily and simply explained evolutionarily. There's no need for any god to explain it..


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GOD'S NOT DEAD: A LIGHT IN DARKNESS is the latest addition in the film franchise, which started with GOD'S NOT DEAD, the highest-grossing independent faith film of 2014, taking in more than $60 million at the box office..

A church in tragedy. A pastor in crisis. A family in turmoil. The stakes couldn't be higher in GOD'S NOT DEAD: A LIGHT IN DARKNESS. Yet even in the bleakest circumstances, hope rises from the.. GOD'S NOT DEAD: A LIGHT IN DARKNESS - YouTube I wanted to say that these films are Christian porn… except, of course, Christians watch the same porn as the rest of us. They just pretend they don't.

Best movie trilogy ever (yep, it's a trilogy, I want to die). God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness [Blu-ray. Jesus loves u..u just have to repent of ur sin and have a personal relationship with him coz he is the way, the truth and the life.always be ready guys coz he is coming soon.. Coz the bible tell's me so... As someone who grew up in a very orthodox pentecostal church (similar to evangelicals in many ways), this kind of us vs. them rhetoric isn't new. Not by a long shot. What people who didn't grow up in a religious household/community don't quite grasp is how evangelicals (and to some extent, christians in general) create a counter-culture to promote this mentality while trying to subvert the very idea of a secular society. Christian music (and not just hymns, christian rock like Newsboys and Toby Mac), christian books (extreme teen bible, The Truth for Youth), christian tv shows (Veggie Tales), and especially Christian movies. They've been doing it for decades, the only difference now is it's easier and more affordable to produce and distribute propaganda like God's Not Dead to the masses. Don't misunderstand, these movies are NOT meant to convert non-believers. If it does, that's a happy accident, the real intent of these movies is to foster this us vs. them dynamic by creating a narrative and preaching to the believer that THIS is what they believe, why they believe it, and how they're better for believing it. I watched many of these as a child, I lived in that counterculture, this is just more of the same with flashier production. It is the propagation of us vs. them, christians vs. sinners, God vs. secular society, the church vs. everything else. These movies are meant for the audience who were already going to see them anyway..

Don't be deceived with no preacher nor movie.......The Bible says, You will hear of all these things (meaning every evil you see happening in the world and all the misleading prophets and teachers/preachers, and every ungodly thing that is happening) but that does not mean the end of the world/The second coming of Lord Jesus. The gospel/The word of God has to be preached to all nations, then the end of the world will come, for on judgement day, people will be judged according to what they know(meaning if you know what's right then that knowledge is what will judge you because you would have chosen to do wrong/evil).....The Bible then concludes, for no one (NOBODY) will know when the end will come, no one will say to his neighbour look, there's Jesus/The second coming. Don't let preachers of fear confuse you from the preachers of the truth, the good news. Live your life and be good to your family, friends and the people you come across in life. The life of God is not about fear or seriousness, most importantly, don't worship God because you are afraid of going to hell. God is love. Pray. Live your life. Chase your dreams. And just be at peace with yourself and you would have served God. Remember, God is not Christianity, God is love, God is life, and God is You, For l say to you, you are gods, you are all children of the most high. 'Psalms 82v6, John 10v34'.

And we truly love Jesus Christ ( peace be upon him)

These movies take advantage of simple-minded people. On both sides actually. God's, Not, Dead:… A, Light… in? Darkness, full. movie - download “Christ teaches us humility. Christian exploitation movies have no such humility.” Slow clap A movie sponsored by the Lucifer company... God's, Not, Dead:… A Light. in & Darkness! [2018]. Full… Movie. HD, Carltoncinema

If Christ were return today the so-called religious right would nail him back on that cross again. Christ said judge not, the religious right to full of judgment, he said love your neighbour, the RR seem to hate anyone who’s not like them. When JC told is to take care of each other we say why should I help pay for someone else’s medical pills? JC is cool, and he never asked anyone to buy him a golden chariot, or a new private jet.,.

so thats what happens when sabrina ends and so does your career

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As a founding partner of Pure Flix Entertainment, David A.R. White starred in God's Not Dead, one of the most successful independent faith-based films. His film credits include God's Not Dead 2, Mercy Streets, Brother White, and many others. David stars in the Pureflix sitcom Hitting the Breaks.. God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness 2018 PG Faith & Spirituality After a fire breaks out at his church, a pastor faces a legal battle against university leaders who wish to push the congregation off the campus..

I hope they realize that if Christians want to be able to talk about religion openly in school, that means teachers can talk about any religion and not just Christianity.

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